About Us

Who We Are

About Blooming Buds:
•Bilingual educational community where children learn English and Putonghua.

•Providing interactive learning experiences for children to become self-directed learners playing an active role in their acquisition of knowledge.

•Parent empowerment through information shared in playgroup classes, regular workshops and other home-school partnership efforts to support you in becoming an effective developmental partner for your child.

•Blooming Buds’ programs are tailored with Hong Kong’s unique and diversified cultural identity in mind.

Blooming Buds is a bi-lingual learning community inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

Reggio Emilia approach was identified as the best and most innovative preschools in the World by Newsweek 1991

About Reggio Emilia Approach:
•Founded in 1940s by Loris Malaguzzi and parents of villages in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

•Influencing infant, toddler and preschool programs in leading corporations; including Google and World Bank.

•Viewing children as competent individuals who build upon their knowledge through experiences and social interactions with more advanced learners.

•Recognizing the importance of parental partnerships and the environment as a third teacher.

•Promoting a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

Makes the Difference

The Whole Child Approach
We thrive to nurture every aspect of a child’s development including social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive growth
Highly Qualified and Devoted Teachers
Our teachers understand how and what children learn. They are passionate about providing fun and stimulating educational experiences and are dedicated to building a strong and positive relationship with each child
Character Education Program for Preschoolers
With respect to heritage, we promote the “Eight Virtues and One Wisdom Philosophy of Confucianism” (八德一智:忠, 孝, 仁, 愛, 禮, 義, 和, 平) which is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. Different character traits will be adapted and taught to meet the unique demands of Hong Kong’s diverse population and global perspective
School-Home Partnership
Parents and family members are invited to their child’s “celebration of learning events” following each unit of study and given ample volunteer opportunities to participate
Parents Empowerment
We organize parent education workshops to support parents in becoming the effective developmental partners for their child

Blooming Buds Graduates Go To

Kindergartens/Local Schools

Small World Christian Kindergarten
Highgate House Kindergarten
St. Paul’s Kindergarten
Victoria (Belcher) Kindergarten
Kau Yan School – Kindergarten
Rhenish Mission School
St. Claire’s Primary School-Kindergarten
Hong Kong Man Sang Kindergarten
British Council International Preschool
Caritas Ling Yuet Sin Kindergarten
King’s College Old Boys’ Association Primary School No. 2

International Schools

Canadian International School
Hong Kong International School
Harbour School
English Schools Foundation (ESF)
Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF)
International Montessori School (IMS)
German Swiss International School
Hong Kong Academy
Island Waldorf School