Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Our Vision

Make a Difference in Life

  • A cooperative community that inspires to build a solid foundation for effective learning and parenting through an innovative approach to early childhood education

Our Proposition

A Community for Exploration

  • The school: an enriching and fun environment where everyone enjoys being together to explore and celebrate learning
  • Teachers: the nurturers to guide children to grow and optimize their individual potential
  • Children: the agents to explore, discover, create and bloom
  • Parents: the partners to facilitate developments of their children while growing together

Our Mission

Ignite the Passion of Lifelong Learning

  • Excite children’s curiosity and self-motivation
  • Engage children in relevant activities to stimulate interest
  • Flexible teaching style geared towards building on the strengths, thoughts and ideas of each child
  • Be positive towards mistakes
  • Learn from others’ strengths, knowledge and skills within the community

Our Values

Two “I”s + Three “C”s

  • Inclusivity: the education of children and encompassment of families to create an environment that inspires a lifelong passion for learning
  • Individuality: the respect and acceptance of differences, every voice to be treasured and listened
  • Curiosity: the basic human nature that motivates learning
  • Creativity: the ability to create and see things through different perspectives
  • Charity: the social value of contributing one’s personal strength to support others and to give back to the community

Our Promise

Explore a Flourishing Future

  • To the children: prepare children to become strong, confident individuals who are passionate to learn and give back to the community with their strengths
  • To the parents: empower parents through a transfer of knowledge to nurture their children’s long-term growth
  • To the caregivers: equip caregivers, such as family members and domestic helpers, with the skills and ability to support parents in taking care of the children’s learning outside of the classroom