Jallet Dance

Jallet Dance (2.5-6 Years)

In collaboration with Venessa Dance Theatre, we proudly introduce you the Jazz-ballet Dance Class. This exclusive dance course is for both girls and boys combining both fun Jazz and Ballet dance styles. Children will dance to pop and classical music.

Dancing boosts memory and improves their gross and fine motor skills. It Improves body posture, balance, and coordination. 

There will be a group performance on the last day of the course.  

*Uniform Required for Regular Classes*

Limited space for free trial class (no uniform requ) on February 11,2020! For registration, please fill in the Enquiry Form and email us at enquiry@bloomingbuds.com.hk!

*Dance Teacher qualifications*

Ms. Venessa Chong 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2012 majoring in Contemporary Dance.  She was awarded Hong Kong Bank Foundation Mainland Exchange Scholarship and attained a Diploma in Performing Arts in 2009 trained in a wide variety of styles and areas including Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop, Body-Conditioning, Dance Education, Choreography, and Stage Performance.

*Dress Code Policy*

We have a standard dress code policy and it is mandatory for all our dancers to wear the uniform to ALL Regular classes (Excluding Trial Class).  This allows the teacher to observe the appropriate posture and body alignment.

Girls with long hair must tie their hair in a bun.