Preschool Class (Kindergarten)

Preschool Class (Age: 3 to 6)

Blooming Buds Preschoolers are guided by English and Putonghua educators trained in the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning. Our educators allow the children to explore their world while simultaneously learning how to express themselves as individuals using the “hundred languages” of childhood.

A multi-age Preschool Class at Blooming Buds is composed of children of a three-year age span. This classroom structure gives each child opportunities to collaborate with others on the basis of skills, abilities, interests, personality, and age. When the age range among a group of children is increased, so is the range of development. As a collaborative learning community, the children begin to appreciate the diversity of talents, skills, and abilities of their classmates. Younger children learn from their older peers, and the older children take on a mentorship role.

Our educators work with the same children over a two-year period and guide individuals through developmental stages of learning, often much more effectively than a child moving from one teacher to another each year. 

Blooming Buds adopts Reggio Emilia Approach (a fun and creative learning approach). Learn more

Details of Preschool Class and Fees