Preschool Class (Mixed Age)

Preschool Class
(3 Years to 6 Years Old)

A community consists of people of many different ages. Only in schools are children grouped together with students who are exactly the same age. At Blooming Buds, our mixed-age Preschool Class strives to model the natural world because we believe that there are many unique benefits associated with it. By providing a more natural learning environment it generates a family of learners who support and care for each other.

The class structure gives each child opportunities to collaborate with others on the basis of skills, abilities, interests, personality, and age. When the age range among a group of children is increased, so is the range of development. As a collaborative learning community, the children begin to appreciate the diversity of talents, skills, and abilities of their classmates.

Our educators work with the same children over a two-year period and guide individuals through developmental stages of learning often much more effectively than a child moving from one teacher to another each year. 

Benefits for Younger Learners
• Allows opportunities for learning and development not present in those close in age
• Observe and emulate models of activity more advanced than their own
• Receive emotional support and care beyond that which age-mates could provide

Benefits for Older Learners
• Develop capacities to nurture and lead
• Expand their understanding through teaching

Details of Preschool Class and Fees