Learning Path

Children at Blooming Buds are nurtured by English and Mandarin educators inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Our educators guide their explorations of the world while simultaneously encouraging their individual expressions through the “hundred languages” of childhood. The use of a child-led emergent curriculum ensures that learning is always authentic to them. With classes embedded with the developmental goals and objectives of the Creative Curriculum, the children at Blooming Buds leave our doors with a love of learning and ready for any formal or future schooling environment.

  • Designated English and Mandarin class teachers in each classroom
  • 1:8 teacher to student ratio in Pre-Nursery Class
  • 1:10 teacher to student ratio in Preschool Class
  • Unaccompanied Pre-Nursery Class with mindful transition periods to ease separation anxiety
  • Mixed-age Preschool Class with multiple developmental benefits