Nursery Class (Age: 3 to 4)

An expanding capacity to express themselves and their ability to play in small groups set the transitional threes apart from the twos. They are imaginative little buds exploding with thoughts and ideas, they never seem to be at a loss for questions. Blooming Buds nursery supports learning in the different content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, arts and technology through a group-learning environment. Opportunities for self-directed exploration is readily available to provide for the development and practice of knowledge and skills. When the children play post office – writing, stamping, mailing and delivering letters – they are learning across content areas. Blooming Buds teachers observe, record and share with parents on their children’s progress towards achieving developmental milestones. A strong home-school partnership prepares your child for primary and on. Blooming Buds adopts Reggio Emilia Approach (a fun and creative learning approach). Learn more

Details of Nursery Class and Fees