Rafaella Tung

“Children are like flower buds – each and every one different in their own way. Their seeds of curiosity are already planted, but to truly blossom, we must nurture their educational ecosystem. Teachers, in partnership with families, help develop strong roots for learning.”

Every story has a beginning. This is the story of how Blooming Buds began.

When I had my daughter, I found myself questioning the educational system. With my background and training in psychology and education, I believe children to be competent, communicative and collaborative regardless of age, but then schools at that time almost seemed to work against that belief. At the time, it was still very much about teacher-directed, thematic learning and there was a heavy emphasis on academics even at an early age. I knew that research and studies in early childhood education dictated a lack in problem-solving skills and diminished creativity in those who got the “fast-track” of learning from adults as oppose to through trial and error, and I also knew that foundational skills such as those are exactly what my daughter would need in a drastically changing world. Because of this, Blooming Buds was born out of my living room in 2009.

Rafaella Tung
Founder and Director of Learning