During the Fall of 2013, while conducting workshops for international teachers in Hong Kong, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Blooming Buds Preschool, a bilingual learning community combining the English and Putonghua languages.  It is an oasis for children amid the center of busy Hong Kong streets, businesses, and skyscrapers.  I was invited and greeted by two remarkable individuals who have embraced the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education with a contagious gusto transmitting to staff and parents alike, Rafaella Tung, Director or Learning and Principal, Vien Wong.   

The preschool is aesthetically beautiful with an atmosphere that allures and allows children to explore and safely satisfy their curiosities and imaginations through child-centered projects.  Involvement with parents, neighborhood and community, maintaining the diversity of the culture of Hong Kong, and myriad means of documenting children’s milestones and achievements are other aspects that stunningly complement the tenets of the Reggio Emilia experience for children!


Leo Lo Sasso Ricciardi,
Founder/President and Faculty

The Reggio Experience:  Educational Coaching and Consultation, LLC

United States of America

University of Northern Colorado

School for Teacher Education

Center for Urban Education